Featured Driving Mocs

Driving moccasins are actually the different kinds of shoes with additional rubber tabs on the lower part that is the sole. They are mostly used for wearing, walking, driving and various other activities in and around the house. They are known to be extremely comfortable and flexible and also come is versatile colours and designs apart from having a durable and long life. They are segregated into two different styles which are name the separated pad and the rubber dotted ones. The rubber dotted ones are known to a uniform rubber pads which are usually small and round in shape whereas the separated pad ones have flat and large pads which generally separate only by small areas.

The Allen Edmonds is supposed to belong way back to the year 1922 and it was established originally in Belgium within a small town named Wisconsin and the company’s headquarter is still present in this state which is known to be the place of origin. All through the years these driving moccasins have achieved great success without ever losing it traditional importance and features. These are mostly available in stunning colours which are usually a mix of reds and browns that very well signify the American West’s rustic beauty. They are also sewed together in the traditional way using hands that exhibit the rough terrain of the Rocky Mountains.

The Minnetonka driving mocs have been designated as the high performance ones as they have a reliable grip for driving purpose and apart from driving they have been taken as a style quotient which is also quite relaxing to wear. It is made up of deerskin and this material provides a wonderful and soft buttery feeling to the feet that taking them off will be difficult for the wearer. Basically they are having supple and soft deerskin which is genuine; the cushioning has been done from the head to the toe in the insole and has a long wearing nub bottom.

The Cabela’s Driving Mocs are made up of original bison leather and the entire thing is hand sewn and also with a non marking outsole made of rubber. This bison leather is said to be of superior quality which not only provides a very supple and smooth feeling but also are extremely durable. Smooth leather is used to give lining to the entire moccasins. The Clark’s driving moccasins are considered to be the cheapest of all the moccasins available in the market and they are quite light and have a flexible shock absorber. Similarly one cannot leave behind the Cole Haan driving mocs whose sole has the Nike air technology.